My Story

Part 3: State of Limbo – UNLV, FVSU (again), UNR

by Brandon Summers | March 2016 Life after Fort Valley: Street Performing Prior to my last semester of school, I discovered street performing (busking) during a winter break. I was unable to find a job during the break, and a friend encouraged me to play violin on the Las Vegas Strip. It worked. I earned good tips and I was able to refill my bank account before returning to school. When my four years at Fort Valley State University ended,…More

Part 5: The End / What’s Next? Will I Ever Go Back to School?

by Brandon Summers | March 2016 What’s Next? Well, this is the end. I intend to contact FVSU and see what they can do for me. Maybe they can award me a lesser degree so I don’t walk away from this situation completely empty handed. That’s something I will look into towards in the near future. As of March 2016, it’s not urgent. Otherwise, I’m gonna to keep on keepin’ on. Currently, I have a weekly lounge gig at the Cromwell. This…More