Vice President Kamala Harris Is A Major No For Me

by Brandon Summers | January 22, 2021

I am not cheering. I am not clapping. I am not celebrating. Yes, #RepresentationMatters and Kamala Harris embodies this as a woman– a black woman, an Indian woman, a biracial woman of black and Indian decent; and a HBCU alum belonging to a divine nine sorority. Regardless of her ascension to U.S Vice President as a person of color, she has caused harm as a prosecutor and attorney general. That harm cannot be undone.

I DO NOT subscribe to cancel culture. For one, it doesn’t exist and to this date, I can probably count on one hand the number of high profile individuals who have actually been “canceled”. However, I do believe in accountability; and forgiveness should not be afforded to perpetrators until they have acknowledged their shortcomings and the collateral consequences of their actions.

I have personally experienced the criminal justice system weaponized against me and witnessed what it can do to others. It’s not okay and never will be. I don’t take it lightly and I refuse to look past it.

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