Part 5: The End / What’s Next? Will I Ever Go Back to School?

by Brandon Summers | March 2016

What’s Next?

Well, this is the end. I intend to contact FVSU and see what they can do for me. Maybe they can award me a lesser degree so I don’t walk away from this situation completely empty handed. That’s something I will look into towards in the near future. As of March 2016, it’s not urgent.

Otherwise, I’m gonna to keep on keepin’ on. Currently, I have a weekly lounge gig at the Cromwell. This is the first but hopefully not the last of it’s kind. I’m hoping that more opportunities like this will open up. I also have wedding gigs lined up later in the year. I will continue to busk as well.

Long term

I know that the this music thing will not last forever. I never intended it to. I’m always interested in new challenges. In the fall, I will look into substitute teaching, tutoring, and all things 9-5. However, if things pick up musically around this time, I’ll postpone the job hunt.

Will I Ever Go Back to School?

God, I hope not. Maybe I’ll be stupid enough to take Adv. Matrix Theory next Spring at UNLV. I will fight this urge unless I have assurance that my outcome will be different on a sixth attempt.

If down the line I find great difficulty in securing employment or promotion because of my lack of education, I may consider going back to school for a different degree. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Update: June 2016

I am a regularly scheduled performer at The Park. I believe this gig will last through the summer.

Now that I have my time back, I can put more effort into elevating my brand and visibility. I can also make time to work on collaborative music projects. I’m going to work towards getting some outstanding bills paid. I also plan on watching a lot of Netflix (yeah). I may even take a vacation (“what are those?!”). I’m going to live my life.

Update: October 2016

I took a position as a middle school Instructional Aide at 100 Academy of Excellence, a charter school. I worked there for six weeks before leaving. The job was incredibly mentally exhausting, and thus was not in line with my personal goals. However, I am grateful for the experience and I may continue to work in the education field in the future.

Update: Late November 2016

I got in contact with Fort Valley State University regarding the possibility of earning an alternative degree. They gave me the option of earning a Liberal Studies degree, but that option is contingent upon a lot of factors. The waiting game continues.

I also registered for MATH 463 Advanced Matrix Theory for the Spring 2017 semester at UNLV. This is to be a last resort if the option of earning a Liberal Studies degree falls through. This is madness, but at least the professor has taught the class before and he has a 3.5 rating on

I am also at the finish line for substitute teaching through CCSD. I completed the required training and I’m waiting for another background check before I am finally approved.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Thank you for beeing you


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